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Notice of Vacancy in the office of Parish Councillor



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 87(2) of the

Local Government Act 1972 that ONE CASUAL VACANCY

exists in the office of Councillor for the said Parish Council.

An election to fill the vacancy will be arranged on receipt of a

valid request in writing from ten local government

electors for the Parish.

If no such request is made, the vacancy will be More »

filled by co-option by the Parish Council.

Requests for such an election should be addressed to:

The Returning Officer,

Derbyshire Dales District Council,

Town Hall,




These to arrive not later than 14 days from the date of this notice (18 June 2021) (computed in accordance with Rule 2 of Schedule 2 of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities)(England and Wales) Rules 2006.

Date: 4 Jun 2021


John Rowe

Clerk to Middleton-by-Wirksworth Parish Council » Less

Posted: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 09:02 by John Rowe

20's Plenty for Middleton?

The Parish Council has been contacted by the 20's Plenty campaign and we'd welcome your views on whether to participate. Contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to comment.

Do your residents contact you about inappropriately high speeds? Residents from across Derbyshire have united to campaign for 20mph mandatory speed limits where pedestrians and cyclists mix with vehicles. We ask for an update to Derbyshire County Council's speed policy so that 20mph becomes normal in our towns and villages with signage, rather than humps. More »

  • 70% of people in UK agree with 20 mph in residential streets: (UK government national travel attitudes study 2019)
  • Over 21 million people live where 20 mph is agreed as normal for residential streets
  • Wide area 20mph with signs and public engagement is a policy costing about £3 per head that results in 20% fewer casualties. It pays for itself within months
  • Last year a 20mph default speed limit was endorsed by the United Nations and World Health Organisation and recognised on a global level as best practice
  • The UK government has signed the Stockholm Declaration recognising 20mph as the maximum speed limit where people and motor vehicles mix.
  • Speed limiters, standard on all new car models from 2022 will revolutionise compliance.

Government transport strategy advocates walking or cycling both as a means of exercise and travel, but pedestrians and cyclists feel intimidated by HGVs and cars travelling too fast.

Please pledge your support for 20 mph

We are asking you as a Parish Councillor to support, as policy, 20's Plenty for Derbyshire. Please also persuade your County and District Councillors to support 20mph. You could ask them to include it in the election manifesto promises. Also consider adding the campaign as an Agenda item at your next meeting. Would you also consider joining up with a 20s Plenty Campaign for your Parish and help your residents enjoy the benefits of slower, safer roads? Joining is free and you will receive a sample pack of free stickers.

http://www.20splenty.org/form_a_campaign Please email anna.s@20splenty.org to ask to join our elists » Less

Posted: Wed, 02 Jun 2021 09:02 by John Rowe

Emotional Support Helpline

Emotional Support Helpline

The Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service offer an Emotional Support Helpline to ANYBODY who feels they would benefit from having someone to talk to about things they might be having difficulty with. You can call the helpline on 01773 734989 and press option 2.

The helpline is open 9 – 7 Monday to Friday and 9 – 5 Saturday and Sunday.

Posted: Sun, 23 May 2021 16:54 by John Rowe