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Notice of Vacancy in the office of Parish Councillor



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 87(2) of the

Local Government Act 1972 that ONE CASUAL VACANCY

exists in the office of Councillor for the said Parish Council.

An election to fill the vacancy will be arranged on receipt of a

valid request in writing from ten local government

electors for the Parish.

If no such request... Read More »

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20's Plenty for Middleton?

The Parish Council has been contacted by the 20's Plenty campaign and we'd welcome your views on whether to participate. Contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to comment.

Do your residents contact you about inappropriately high speeds? Residents from across Derbyshire have united to campaign for 20mph mandatory speed limits where pedestrians and cyclists mix with vehicles. We ask for an update to Derbyshire... Read More »

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Emotional Support Helpline

Emotional Support Helpline

The Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service offer an Emotional Support Helpline to ANYBODY who feels they would benefit from having someone to talk to about things they might be having difficulty with. You can call the helpline on 01773 734989 and press option 2.

The helpline is open 9 – 7 Monday to Friday and 9 – 5 Saturday and Sunday.

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"Street Meets" are back!

Received from Derbyshire Police

We are excited to be getting back into our communities and hosting a few street meets in June! It would be greatly appreciated, if you could help us spread the word so that we can reach as many people within our communities as we can.

PCSO Hunt and Mattison will be at the following locations;

Sunday 06/06/2021 Matlock Bath @12pm-2pm.

Tuesday 08/06/2021 Wirksworth Market... Read More »

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Dealing with Cold Callers

Dealing with unexpected callers at your door
A distraction burglary is where a criminal calls at your home posing as an official or asks for your help with something. They can make up a story to get in to your home.

Burglars need not go to the trouble of breaking in if they can just knock on your door and be invited in. Always be on your guard when anyone you're not expecting - a man, woman or even... Read More »

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County Lines Spot The Signs

Received via Neighbourhood Alert

What is County Lines?
A term to describe Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) involved in the supply of illegal drugs. Typically this is from large cities into smaller communities, such as towns and villages.

What is cuckooing?
A vulnerable persons home, often a person with drug dependency, is taken over and used as a place to sell drugs from.

Spot the Signs
Frequent or high... Read More »

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Middleton Parish Council Annual Report 2021-21

I would like to thank all Councillors for their work on behalf of Middleton over the last year. We welcome Cllr Derek Renshaw who was co-opted in January. The Parish Council currently has two casual vacancies – if you would like further information about the role please speak to any councillor or contact the Parish Clerk.

Special thanks are due to our County Councillor, Cllr Irene Ratcliffe who... Read More »

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Closure of Main Street 24th-25th April 2021

We have received a notification from Derbyshire County Council of a Temporary Road Closure at Main Street between No.25 and the junction with Chapel Lane in order tot facilitate a gas connection.

The alternative route is Porter Lane, The Hill, Water Lane, Chapel Hill, Via Gellia Road, New Road Middleton By Wirksworth and vice versa.

You can view the order on this link Read More »

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Brush up on the 3 ‘R’s for 2021

Brush up on the 3 ‘R’s for 2021

As it's a New Year it's a good time to brush up on the 3 'R's to help make the world a cleaner, greener place. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are an important part of sustainable living as they help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away.

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce
  • Reuse items as much as you can before replacing them
  • Recycle wherever possible

The 3 'R's will save you money, energy and will... Read More »

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Middleton Parish Council Report January 2021

Derek Renshaw has been co-opted to the Parish Council. Two casual vacancies remain – please see below for details of how to apply. Members welcomed Cllr Renshaw to the Council.

A report by DCC Planning Service Enforcement and Rights of Way Officers following a meeting with the Manager of Dene Quarry about the restoration of the paths at Dene Hollow has been received. A meting with Parish Council... Read More »

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