Drive Appropriately, Park Considerately...

The Parish Council still regularly receives concerns from members of the public about inconsiderate, potentially dangerous parking and the numbers of vehicles being driven inappropriately through the village.

Instances of inconsiderate parking include Main Street opposite the allotments and near the school (at drop off/pick up time) as well as the junctions at the Village Green, with vehicles parked in such a way that it limits visibility for emerging traffic. More recently problems have been reported on the corner of Chapel Lane and opposite the junction.

More worryingly, issues reported have included access to houses effectively being blocked by vehicles parking too close to the doors of properties. This is clearly unacceptable.

To provide evidence of inappropriate speeds in the village the Parish Council has commissioned Derbyshire County Council produce a report the speed of vehicles on Main Street.

The Parish Council urges everyone to think of other road users including pedestrians, cars and buses. We urge you to "drive appropriately, park considerately"."

Posted: Sun, 20 Oct 2019 18:30 by John Rowe

Tags: Parking