Report on the wokr of the Parish Council presented to the Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting took place on Monday 8th April 2019. The following report on the work of the Parish Council in 2018-19 was presented:

I would like to thank all Councillors for their work on behalf of Middleton over the last year, and, indeed over the last four years of the Council term. I would like to welcome Cllr Tina Hymas Taylor, our newly co-opted member and thank Sandy Clark, Rob Rawlinson and John Sedgwick who stepped down during the year. Thanks too to our County Councillor Irene Ratcliffe, our District Councillors, the Caretakers and the Parish Clerk.

2018-19 has been an eventful year in the life of the Parish Council with a significant amount of work being undertaken on the Middleton Remembers Project. This has unfolded with the appointment of Lucy Godfrey as our History Researcher who has researched the soldiers of the village who died in the First World War. The project is now entering its second phase which is to develop knowledge about those men from the village who were killed or wounded in the conflict and to develop an understanding of the social and economic life in the village at the close of the war and the years immediately afterwards. This research will help us to appreciate the lives led by these soldiers as boys and young men, the make-up of the village at the outset of and during the conflict; how the war impacted on the community and what happened to it in the immediate post-war period.

There was a significant divergence of views on the siting of the proposed Middleton Memorial resulting in two consultations of the village. Despite the differences of opinion, it was heartening to see the village come together on Remembrance Sunday for the service of Remembrance and the dedication of the central memorial stone on the Village Green.

The Parish Council continues to take an active role both within the village and in the wider community. It has appointed representatives to the Carsington Water Liaison Group, Cromford Quarry Liaison Committee, Village Hall Committee, Middleton in Bloom and the Village Green Committee.

In 2018-19 we have given grant support to the Village Pump. We continue to believe that the newsletter is an essential part of village life and something Middleton should remain extremely proud of. We have also been pleased to support Cinema Middleton with a grant of £250.

For 2019-20 we have set a precept of £12800, an increase of 4%. The Parish Council will continue to strive for best value in spending the precept and will work hard to represent Middleton in the wider community.

The Council meets at the Village Hall at 6.30pm on the second Monday of the month and we thank the Village Hall Committee for its continued hospitality. Members of the public are welcome to attend our meetings and may speak during Public Participation.

2019-20 is likely to bring further challenges for the Parish Council as budgets of District and County Councils are cut and non-statutory services are reduced further.

Cllr Peter Slack, Chair, Annual Parish Meeting

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