Middleton Remembers

Middleton Remembers Book Cover

68 residents and 100,000 headstones
Middleton remembers those who died in World War 1

Middleton Remembers - The Book

A copy in PDF format of the complete "Middleton Remembers" book.


Kelly's Directories 1908-1929

Extracts from Kelly's Directories for Middleton by Wirksworth from 1908, 1916, 1922, 1925 and 1928 showing names and businesses in the village

Extracts of Minutes of Middleton Parish Council 1914-1931

These sections from the minute books of Middleton Parish Council from January 1914 to September 1931 cover the research period for the Middleton Remembers project.

It is interesting to see references to things which still preoccupy the Parish Council; road condition, streetlighting, road widening and reductions to services.